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Cink steel

BUY PIPE supplies a wide range of galvanized steel products. Galvanized steel is created by hot dip galvanizing, in which a roll of carbon steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc. The steel coil comes out with metallic zinc coating on both sides of the strip. Galvanizing protects carbon steel in two ways. First, the zinc coating provides a continuous, impervious metal barrier that prevents moisture from coming into contact with the steel. Without moisture there will be no corrosion. Second, when the underlying steel is exposed, such as when there is a cut or scratch, the steel is protected by sacrificial corrosion of the zinc coating adjacent to the steel.

The metallic coating of zinc on a galvanized steel coil provides a visible and aesthetic feature known as "glitters". By varying the amount of particles added to the zinc bath and the cooling rate during the hot dip process, the gloss can be controlled from a seemingly uniform surface where the sheen is too low to be seen with the naked eye to a brighter one. shiny surface.

Galvanized steel is the construction product of choice, having proven its worth over decades of use in a wide variety of applications.


  • Durable – sacrificial coating protects against corrosion in most applications
  • Low maintenance - easy to clean surface
  • Economical – lower overall cost compared to other steel products
  • Livestock - Highly recommended for keeping animals.
  • Flexibility - can be easily molded without damaging the metal plating
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable with a long service life
  • Our galvanized steel meets ASTM and EN requirements.

So you can be sure that our product will meet all standard ASTM and EN specifications.


Chemical treatment 

A chemical surface treatment is available, consisting of applying a thin, invisible, inorganic, chemical anti-corrosion film to both sides of the metal-coated surface. This film is applied to plating lines by immersing the steel strip in a solution of anti-corrosion chemicals. A chemically treated surface is much more resistant to "white rust", the corrosion of zinc that typically occurs in humid storage or shipping conditions.

Polymer coating

Polymer coating is also available for our galvanized steel. This water-based resin coating is applied to both sides of the strip whether the chemical treatment is part of the resin package or pre-applied. The polymer coating is designed to resist fingerprints and abrasion during product handling, increase resistance to wet stack stains during transport and storage, and virtually eliminate the need for rolling lubricants.


Galvanized steel products are used in a wide variety of applications, including HVAC ducts and vents, barriers and wall partitions, lightweight frame structures, garage and entry doors, security screens, appliance and fireplace sections, and more. Galvanized steel can also be pre-painted for use in roof and wall panels, metal buildings, carports, and drains such as downspouts and downspouts.

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