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Cold rolled coils

BUY PIPE has a complete range of cold rolled steel products. Cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that is further processed in cold reduction mills where the material is cooled (at room temperature) followed by annealing or skin pass.

Cold rolling increases the strength and hardness while reducing the ductility of the steel by rolling it at ambient temperature (or below the recrystallization temperature). In addition to improving mechanical properties, cold rolling allows for better control of the shape and dimensions of the finished product.


  • Dimensional accuracy - more accurate dimensions than hot rolled steel
  • Improved strength and hardness - higher density means more strength
  • Superior Surface Finish - homogeneous, smooth matt surface, paintable
  • Our cold rolled steel coil complies with ASTM and EN requirements.

So you can be sure that our product will meet all standard ASTM specifications.



Cold rolled steel can be partially or completely restored to its original properties through the annealing process. Annealing consists in heating the steel to a temperature above the recrystallization temperature, holding at this temperature and then cooling the steel. Heating of steel during annealing promotes the movement of iron atoms, which leads to the disappearance of dislocations, as well as to the formation and growth of new grains of various sizes. Three stages of annealing: reduction, recrystallization and grain growth.


Cold rolled steel coil is produced as raw material for metal coated coils such as galvanized or galvanized steel. Cold rolled steel has an improved surface finish, making it ideal for use in furniture, household appliances and other consumer goods. Cold rolled steel can also be powder coated for subsequent painting. Other applications for cold rolled steel include automotive and rail components, building and construction components, storage racks, grain bins, bulkheads, HVAC air intakes/exhausts, and electrical products. Cold-rolled steel is also often used in the construction of bridges, road products, power transmission towers and towers, and various equipment.

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