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Steel pipes

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A profile pipe is a type of building metal with a non-cylindrical section. It is used for mounting frame structures for various purposes. For the production of pipes of this type, high-strength alloyed and carbon steel grades are used. They also undergo additional processing, which increases the strength of the final product.

Round pipes купить

Round pipe is a common type of rolled metal, which has a regular geometric shape in the form of a circle in cross section. It is used for the installation of building structures, fences and various wired communications. Manufactured from low alloy and carbon steel grades. It has a large number of species and varieties

Steel pipes - assortment from the company ''Buy-Pipe''

Steel pipe is the most common and demanded type of rolled metal. Metal products of this type are in demand in many areas of industry and economy. Steel pipes are simple in design and designed for operation under conditions of high internal and external loads. To create them, various metallurgical technologies are used, depending on the purpose of a particular type of pipe. Also, rolled metal in most cases is subjected to additional thermochemical treatment. This significantly increases the structural strength of the product and improves its performance.

The Buy-Pipe company offers to buy steel pipes at an affordable price. Our range consists of almost all types of such rolled metal products. All products are certified and passed quality control at the production stage. Pipes are manufactured in accordance with the current international standards EN and ASTM and other norms governing the technical and physical characteristics of such products.

''Buy-Pipe'' steel pipes: types and applications

Rolled metal of this type varies greatly among themselves in shape, size and areas of use. But all steel pipes are clearly distinguished from each other into two main categories:

Profile. Any metal pipe that has a non-circular cross-sectional shape. Such products are used for construction, installation, strengthening of various structures, and even for the creation and modification of mechanisms.

Round, transport. Such metal pipes are indispensable for the quick and safest transportation of various liquid and gaseous substances, materials and fuel products. After a special thermochemical treatment of the outer and inner surfaces, these pipes can be used to work with chemically active substances that provoke the development of corrosion processes.

Metal pipe often has a universal purpose. Due to this, rolled metal of this type is most widely used in the following areas of the national economy:

Steel pipes are used to supply water and gas to residential and other premises. They are designed to withstand high internal pressure and work in all weather conditions.

Engineering. They are part of various mechanisms. Also, steel pipes are actively used to organize the production process itself and create full-fledged factory complexes.

Chemical industry. To work with aggressive chemicals, only high-quality, properly processed rolled products from the strongest steel grades are suitable.

Construction. Here, steel pipes serve as the basis for frame structures of both small, temporary buildings, and full-fledged, multi-storey buildings.

In our company it will not be difficult to buy a metal pipe of any type and purpose. In addition to a wide range and affordable prices, we offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation. To clarify all the nuances of the purchase and delivery of steel pipes, please contact the contact numbers and email address listed on the Buy-Pipes website.

Steel pipes from ''Buy-Pipe'' - how to choose

Pipes and a metal profile of the correct form are the basis of most structures in mechanical engineering, frame construction. Without them, the supply and wiring of intra-house communications, the creation of engineering networks and any capital structures are unthinkable.

The aim of Buy-Pipe is to gather in one place all the current and popular range of products, such as metal pipes, in order to offer you the widest possible choice and favorable conditions for buying in just one time. place. We are able to fully cover the needs of any construction site or industrial enterprise for rolled pipes. Moreover, both in terms of supply volumes and in terms of the range of positions. It is convenient to buy a steel pipe from us.

A significant part of our catalog is occupied by an electric-welded metal profile intended for the construction and installation of engineering structures. Square and rectangular tubes are available in sizes from 15x15x2mm to 250x250x12mm. There are just so many variations.

You can buy a metal pipe to create frames and loaded machine parts, frames of prefabricated and permanent buildings, install fences and hedges, sheathing building facades, and assemble complex architectural structures. You can list for a long time, but the essence of this will not change - there is a choice!

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